Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alle lieben Knut (Everyone loves Knut)

In my previous post about books with animal photos, I got the recommendation to order a book about Knut, the little polar bear at the Berlin zoo. I now have Alle lieben Knut in stock and boy, is it adorable!

When Knut was born, he was too small and his mother couldn't take care of him. He was adopted by a human and raised at the zoo. Knut loves to play with balls, take an icy dip in his polar swimming pool, and like all busy little ones, ends up in a heap for a nap.

My two year old son goes crazy over this book. I guess there's something about polar bear cubs that is irresistably cuddly. I also like the big print in this book - great for beginning readers.

I highly recommend Alle lieben Knut for the bear-lovers in your family.

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