Friday, April 20, 2007


I just couldn't resist :)
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Friday, April 13, 2007

Book Review: See you - im nächsten Sommer. A German - English story

See you... is the story of a male German exchange student who spends 3 weeks in the U.S. with an American girl and her family. Unhappy about the situation at first, he discovers his host is actually a pretty good soccer player and they develop a friendship.

I love the language switching that goes on in this book. Here's an excerpt:

"Let's go to that McDonald's, then!", schlug Britney vor. "Does anyone know where it is exactly?" Tobias schüttelte den Kopf. Madison sagte, "I'm not sure,
but I think it's only a few minutes from here, down that street over there." "Let's go!", rief Tobias.
I think bilingual kids will love this kind of back-and-forth between German and English. Enjoy!

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Book Review: Inga zieht sich an

Inga is a little bunny who absolutely *must* pick out her own clothes WITHOUT any help from her dear mama who is waiting to take her to the park. As the mother of a very independent three year old, I enjoyed this book very much as I read it with M. M enjoyed it as well, nodding knowingly when Inga asserted "Ich will aber ALLEINE aussuchen!"

I also love this book because it comes with a code for a bonus audiobook you can download from the Nord-Sued (publisher) website. So M can listen to it whenever he wants, just the way his independent little self likes it :)

The book also includes a paper doll Inga with several outfits to cut out and play with. Fun!