Monday, January 19, 2009

Wunderschöne Tiergeschichten (Beautiful Animal Stories)

Kids love stories with real photographs in them and this sweet book, Wunderschöne Tiergeschichten (Beautiful Animal Stories), totally delivers. Follow Rika, the fawn as she goes on an outing in the woods. Fips, the little squirrel, has a birthday. Lasse, the little fox, likes to play. And Flocke, the little foal, has a human friend.

Four short stories make this sturdy hardcover a great value.
Recommended for beginning German speakers ages 4 and up.

Wunderschöne Tiergeschichten by Kerstin Hug


Anonymous said...

adorable - how about one on Flocke the precious polar bear cub or Knut and now Victoria at Aalborg Zoo has a webcam and she and her cub are incredibly cute and cuddly.

Submitted by: Karen V. Stefanini, Beautiful Back Bay, Boston, MA

Sarah Mueller said...

Thanks, Karen! We've got Knut on order. Too cute. :)