Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wo ist Hawaii?

Wo ist Hawaii? We were on a journey tonight to find out. I was lucky enough to spend some time today interviewing Ulrike Rylance, mother to 2 bilingual girls and author of the new bilingual book, Wo ist Hawaii? (Check back next week for the interview itself.)

My 4 year old saw me posting the book on the homepage and immediately wanted to hear it himself. He loved the flowly ocean-y illustrations and rhyming text. I love the mini geography lesson built into the story and the CD which will allow him to listen to it over and over and over. He likes to do that - hmm - maybe I should keep two...

Ulrike has posted the full version on YouTube - how cool is that?

So my work tonight is complete. Max? He's drifted off to sleep to sounds of Wo ist Hawaii?

Wo ist Hawaii? is available in paperback and as a book /read-along CD combination.

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