Saturday, February 21, 2009

Parenting auf Deutsch: Phrases for Praise

Is that a tongue-twister or what? I've been thinking it might be useful for some of you to have a handy list of things to say in German when your child does something spectacular, wonderful, or just plain great. So here goes...

Prima! - Great!
Super! - Super!
Klasse! - Great!
Ausgezeichnet! - Excellent!
Gut gemacht! - Well done
Das hast Du aber schön gemacht. - You sure did that nicely.
Ich bin so stolz auf Dich. - I'm so proud of you.
Das ist aber toll. That is just great.
Spitzenklasse! Great!
Großartig! - Excellent!

Whew - that was a lot of exclamation points. :) Serve up in generous amounts to your children daily. What do you say to your kids when they deserve a pat on the back?


Jennifer Z. said...

Thanks for the useful phrases. Another excellent source of such everyday phrases that you and your readers might not know about is a book called "Kids Stuff German: Easy German Phrases for You and Your Kids" by Therese Slevin Pirz and Mark Hobson, available from As a non-native speaker trying to expose my daughter to as much German as possible, I was attempting to compile and verify such a collection of phrases when, just as exhaustion was setting in, I stumbled upon this fantastic book. It is exactly what I needed to fill in the many practical gaps left by my high school and college German courses. In addition to really useful phrases for all types of everyday family situations and activities, it provides the pronunciation for each.

Sarah Mueller said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the tip. I do like this book.

Viel Spass!