Thursday, February 05, 2009

New Unit Studies - What would you like to see?

The response to our (free) St. Martin's Day and St. Nikolaus Day unit studies was tremendous. It's really exciting to see people going the extra mile to explore German language, culture and traditions with their kids.

I'm itching to get some new unit studies underway for you! But what would you like to see? What topics would you like to explore with your children? Maybe nature in the spring? How about Easter? Fussball? (I'll definitely need to bring in outside help on that one!)

Leave me a comment with your ideas and if we pick your topic, I'll send you the book of your choice up to $20. :)

- Sarah


Anonymous said...

I would like to see a unit study on "weather" and one on "a trip ot Germany" :)

another Sarah M. :) said...

My first post went through as "Anonymous" and with a mispelling....

I would enjoy a unit study on "Weather" and one on "A Trip to Germany"

Sarah Mueller said...

Yes! I love these ideas! I'll email you separately.


Anne-Marie said...

Having lived in Cologne, I have to say... Karneval!

Sarah Mueller said...

Ah yes! That would be a great topic. We are furiously working on "A Trip to Germany" but Karneval would be a great choice for next year.

Thanks :)