Friday, July 22, 2005

Sendung mit der Maus

I just wrote about the website from Die Sendung mit der Maus on my newsletter but I wanted to elaborate a bit (if you're not subscribed, sign up and see what you're missing!)

I am constantly looking for interactive and multimedia websites where my kids can listen, play and learn auf Deutsch. Both Niklas (5 years old) and Max (1.5 years old) love anything on the computer and it's great to be able to keep a list of favorites and load them up quickly when we need a change of pace.

The Sendung mit der Maus has soooo much to do! I didn't realize it upon first looking but they have 20 short cartoons (MausSpots), over 30 full length music videos under Lieder, and the Lachgeschichten are great for curious kids. Everything loaded very quickly over our DSL connection.

Many of the songs on the Maus website are from Ritter Rost which is a new favorite of ours. I love Ritter Rost because it's got such a great reversal of roles. Ritter Rost is quite timid and reluctant to fight and is encouraged by his competant and brave Burgfräulein, Bö. The King is full of himself and the knights compete in completely silly events like thumb-wrestling. And the music is so much fun! Check it out for yourself. Ritter Rost at Alphabet-Garten...

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