Monday, July 11, 2005

Homeschooling auf Deutsch

Our older son, Niklas, has just turned 5 and we have decided to homeschool him. I am very excited about this decision and interestingly enough, I owe a big thanks to several of my own customers for helping me find this path for our family!

I'm not sure if it's because they prefer not to order online or they're just especially friendly, but many of my homeschooling customers like to call in their orders. This has given me the chance to find out why they homeschool and what they do with their kids. So thank you, Molly, Kerstin, Jane, and Cindy!

So now we are able to incorporate German into the entire day and time normally taken up by school can be better utilized learning, playing, reading, and "doing" in German. We are enjoying using several of the Bastelb├╝cher we have. We are also looking forward to doing some correspondence with Oma and Opa auf Deutsch. Of course German DVDs are always a hit and are easily labeled "educational" and time well spent. We are looking forward to Pokemon Heros in German which is expected online in the next week or so.

We had a tremendous rainstorm the other day and my kids decided it would be cool to create a wildlife blind on the deck. So we got umbrellas, raincoats, and a play tent and they happily ate breakfast in the middle of the downpour while listening to me read Eine Nacht im Zelt from the relative dryness of the kitchen. This is the kind of activity I'm looking forward to in the coming months as we learn and grow together. Lots of "subjects" can be covered at once and the kids just have a great time.

Are your kids homeschooled? I'd love to hear about your experiences. Send me a note or give me a call!


paige said...

Sarah, what a great idea! If I understand this correctly, you work for alfabet this correct? We purchased several German board books from there recently.

Yes, we homeschool, and German is my 3-yr old's third language, though not fluent in it yet. She is fluent in English and Spanish, and her dad is teaching her German (He had four years of it in school). We use the OPOL (One parent, one language) technique, where I speak only Spanish to her, and he only speaks English to her...though now adays he's trying to increase his German with her. In AUgust we will attend a Saturday German school together, as a family, and this may help all of us.

Sarah Mueller said...

Hi Paige,

Thanks for your note - yes, Alphabet Garten is my business - it's really like another child to me. We have a lot of fun with the business. I'm glad you like the books.

How great for your daughter that's she's living such a full life! It sounds like a lot but if it's approached in a fun way, I'm sure your daughter will just absorb it all like a sponge :) Keep in touch.