Thursday, July 07, 2005

German the Musical Way

One of my primary goals with Alphabet Garten is to make learning German FUN! I try to find interesting, colorful, exciting materials so that parents and teachers can share their love of German with their kids. One of the best ways to do this is with catchy music.

Niklas and I were lucky enough to attend a rock concert (and German lesson in disguise) a couple years ago put on by Uwe Kind. Uwe is a musican and performer who travels the country and around the world singing songs in German for junior high and high school audiences. His music is upbeat, catchy, modern, and LOUD! The atmosphere in the junior high auditorium was like one I have never before experienced! Kids from schools all around the area had been bussed in to take part in the concert and were bursting with energy. Kids from other language classes had begged to be allowed to attend and had certainly picked up many German phrases in the process. Kids were invited on the stage for every song and participated in the choreography, showing no hesitation to dance and sing on the stage in front of hundreds of their friends! The words and movements were shown on a screen so everyone could sing along. The energy in this place was amazing! We were hooked. We have been listening to Uwe's CDs ever since.

Uwe's CDs and concerts are a great way to energize learning in homes and classrooms alike. And Uwe is so much fun to talk to in person as well. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend attending a concert. I also have several of his books and CDs on the website.

More information on Uwe is available at his website at Tell him Sarah says hi!

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