Saturday, July 05, 2008

A big book! Erste Bilder, Erste Wörter

Erste Bilder, Erste Woerter


Macdonald Family said...

Congrats Sarah! Looks like your little ones are becoming big ones who love to read. Job well done. I'm taking on a new teaching post and am a little apprehensive of the time lost speaking german at home to our 3 year old. However, his preschool has a language roation of german, spanish, french and chinese. So he'll get some exposure to kleep his brain open. Loking forward to using some of your english/german mystery books in my HS classroom.

Take care.

Kathryn Macdonald

Sarah Mueller said...

Hi Kathryn,

Yes, and that picture is actually already a year old! So your youngest is going to enjoy German, Spanish, French, German and Chinese! That is so cool. I'm green with envy :) We have only dabbled in Japanese a bit besides our German, which was quite fun. We are also learning some sign language which has been invaluable with my toddler.

Congrats on your new teaching post! Your students are sure to have a great time in your class.

- Sarah