Friday, March 21, 2008

Ein kleines Fingerspiel

Zwei Zappelmänner

Zwei Zappelmänner
aus dem Sack!
Der eine heißt Schnick,
der andre heißt Schnack.
Schnick hat 'ne Mütze
und Schnack hat 'nen Hut,
und alle beide vertragen sich gut!

Hand movements: Hold the fists together, with thumbs hidden. At "aus dem Sack" the thumbs come out of their hiding place and are stretched up in the air. Then first the left thumb (Schnick) and then the right thumb (Schnack) bow to each other. Then, alternately wiggle the thumbs. Finally the thumbs touch each other gently. This game is also good with painted fingernails or little finger puppets.

This game comes from Fingerspiele, Klassiker und neue Ideen für Babys und Kleinkinder (the translation is mine). Viel Spaß beim Spielen!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the translation and finger movements! I love the "action" songs and poems, but can't always figure out what the hand gestures should be.-TF

Erich Viedge said...

Well, TF said it am besten. I'm not a native speaker of German but I am speaking it to my son Henry. He will go to the local German school (we're in South Africa) but although my German is good, I wasn't raised in the language. This means the nursery rhymes und die fingerspiele fehlen. So thanks for the translation!