Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ein Regentag im Zoo (Lift the flap)

It's raining outside my window as I type - the perfect day for the book, Ein Regentag im Zoo. It's raining for Anna and her Papa, too, when they go to the zoo, and so all the animals are hidden away in their cozy houses. It's up to you, the reader, to figure out what is behind each of the doors. Luckily, the houses are "animal-shaped" so it's not too hard to guess which house belongs to the giraffe, the snake, or the penguin. When you lift the large flap to open the door, the animal is revealed.

This is a nice, simple book with lovely illustrations, suitable for little ones and kids up to age 6.

Add some animal noises of your own for a real multi-sensory experience. I recommend going through the book to lift all the flaps before reading it with a child, since the flaps are so large and it requires a bit of patience to open them the first time.

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dieMutti said...

I have visited your store before but not your blog! Thanks for sharing info on your new materials and other bits on bilingual German-English kids! I love to hear from others who are successful at this!