Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Poetry auf Deutsch

I've been loving my work lately and I think my kids are as well - we've read and listened to almost all of the new German titles - lucky us! I'd been looking to add a little poetry into our day and came across the Gedichte für Kinder CD by Oliver Steller. What a find! Olli, as he calls himself, sings and recites poetry along with his guitar, Frieda, in front of a live audience of boisterous kids. With poems by Heine, Fontane, Brecht, Morgenstern and Maiwald, there are plenty of big names.

Our favorite poem so far is called Spinne Martha - here's an excerpt:
Wo ist meine Spinne?
Wer hat sie gesehen?
Sie hat sechs lange Beine und sie ist sehr wunderschoen, ja wunderschoen...

Don't ask me why he says "sechs Beine" instead of "acht" - N surmised that maybe German spiders only have 6 legs. Spinne Martha is set to a very catchy rock beat and Steller is a wonderful accompanist as he sings and the children join in.

The enunciation on this concert-style CD is excellent and quite easy to understand for my not quite fluent German-speaking kids. Most of the poems are repeated 2 or 3 times, sometimes with music, and sometimes without and so my boys have a chance to catch words they may have missed the first time around.

I'm working on memorizing some of the poems myself and the kids will enthusiastically join me with the parts they know. We are playing the CD in the car right now so we get a good dose of it every time we go somewhere.

One caveat - the first poem is called Fisch Fasch - who unfortunately has "einen weissen Arsch." It seems that the Germans are a little more free with the language than Americans might be :)

I highly recommend this CD for kids ages 4 and up, and maybe some ambitious 3 year olds!

Gedichte für Kinder CD from Alphabet Garten

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