Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pixi Wissen - Packed with Info

I was so excited to learn about the new series of Pixi books, Pixi Wissen (Wissen means knowledge). We love the Pixi format - pocket-sized books with full length stories. I keep several in my purse for entertainment when we're stuck waiting somewhere. Think long car rides and doctor's waiting rooms. Now we can enjoy non-fiction Pixis as well. I have ordered 3 titles to start - Pferde und Ponys (Horses and Ponies), Das Meer (The Ocean) and Die Erde (The Earth).

The books provide information like "Wie groƟ werden Pferde?" (How big do horses get?), a page on prehistoric horses and horses in mythology. Also included are puzzles, a maze, a quiz, and a glossary. Each book has about 30 pages packed with pictures and short facts. Here's a sample page:

The Pixi Wissen series is best for kids with intermediate to advanced German knowledge, although beginners will enjoy browsing through just for the pictures.

At $4.50, these books are a great deal!

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