Friday, November 09, 2007

Christmas Titles

We have so many wonderful new titles for Christmas! Here are a few that are sure to make your season sparkle!

Die neue Liederfibel zur Weihnachstzeit

This songbook is such a beautiful accompaniment for Christmas time. I love the colorful illustrations on the cover and throughout. My kids always get a kick out of my playing the piano (melody only!) and this book will make it easy for me to play some of these songs for them. The melody is provided in fairly large musical notation, 1 song per double page spread.

The CD is also a great addition - I'm always looking for good Christmas CDs. The children's voices are so sweet and listening put me in such a Christmas mood! Isn't it a bit early for that? :)

Listen to a sound clip.

Please note - the book and the CD are sold separately and also as a set so make sure to pick the set if you want them both.

Die neue Liederfibel zur Weihnachtszeit Book / CD Set $58.80 (save 12%)

Die neue Liederfibel zur Weihnachstzeit (book) $41.50

Die neue Liederfibel zur Weihnachstzeit (CD) $24.99

Die Weihnachtsmaus (Laterne, Laterne)

The most famous poem from James Kr├╝ss. A treat for all.

Die Weihnachtsmaus (Laterne, Laterne) $13.90

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