Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Toddler Language Awareness

I basically assume that ML (2) doesn't make much distinction between German and English since he mixes freely right now - he'll say "You're krank" and "I go draussen". Pretty common stuff for a bilingual this age. Of course I address him in German, even when we're out in public and we've gotten some funny looks lately from the kids in NJ's karate class. So it was a lot of fun when Emma, who is 8, asked for me to tell her some phrases in German. She then repeated them to ML - "Setz dich hin", "Komm her", "Werf den Ball." He was delighted! He thought it was hysterical. So I guess he really does know the difference since he didn't expect Emma to be speaking German to him.

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Anonymous said...

my daughter is only six months right now but i want to start speaking and reading to her in german, but i don't know where to start. i've tried to look for some books on line but i've found no such luck, are there any good books out there that not only will help my daughter but also my wife who speaks english and alittle spanish? please e-mail any suggestions to