Monday, June 06, 2005

So many books, so little time

I have been looking for convenient ways to let everyone know about all the great new German books coming in and decided what better way to do so than to start a blog! As you may know, Alphabet Garten is a home-based business so time is precious around here. :) But we do spend a lot of time reading the books we sell - so now hopefully we can tell you in a more informal way what we like about them.

Anyway, to the books!

Max und der Ball

Since we have our own Max and he loves balls, this book is very popular right now in our house! In fact, "ball" was one of his first word - a nice bilingual one at that. Both the English and German sides of the family can take credit.

This book is great for toddlers like Max because he really understands the whole book. It's about Max and how he doesn't want to share his ball with the cat. Here are a few sentences:

Max will den Ball haben. Die Katze faellt runter. MIAU MIAU. Max nimmt den Ball.
I have been searching for books at this level for months! We do have some at this level (notably Bobo Siebenschlaefer) but the vocabulary is often too much for elementary age beginners. So I'm pleased to have found this series. It's perfect for kindergarten and first grade!

The sentences are short and he likes the pictures. It's illustrated in a classic children's literature style. I've ordered several more in the series.

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