Sunday, December 09, 2007

Review: Geschichten vom Fussballplatz

Four short stories about Ole and his soccer team aimed at beginning readers. The stories are interesting, employing soccer specific vocabulary that will keep your young sports fan engaged and challenged. With pictures replacing main words in the text, and a glossary at the end of each story, it is a good way to introduce new vocabulary and longer words that might discourage a beginning reader. Part of the first level of the Loewe Reading l Ladder series, this Bildermaus book is targeted to beginning readers age 5 and above.

Review: Kunterbunte 1-2-3 Minutengeschichten

A collection of 100 poems and short stories to entertain your little ones or challenge your more experienced readers. With so many choices, you are sure to find some favorite themes, and at only 1-3 minutes long, there is always time to read “just one more”.
Kunterbunte 1-2-3-Minutengeschichten
-- Hardcover: $30.95
-- CD $27.54

Review: Du groß, und ich klein (Minimax)

In this allegory, the King Lion adopts an orphaned little elephant who can only say “Ich, klein.” The two spend their days together, like father and son, with the lion teaching the elephant all he knows. The Elephant grows bigger every day, until the King Lion says he is so big that the Lion can’t believe he is the King. So the Elephant must go off on his own to live his own life. Upon his return many years later, he finds that the aged Lion needs the Elephant to take care of him. Repeated throughout the story is the theme of “Du groß, und ich klein”.

Du groß, und ich klein: $13.60

Book Review: Fünfter sein

A good choice to read with your child prior to their next doctor’s visit. This prize winning, yet simple and elegant book is based on a poem by the famous author, Ernst Jandl. The spare, rhythmic text counts backwards from five, as the broken toys sit in a waiting room, until there is only one left and on the last page we see who and what is in the next room. The illustrations complement the text, showing a range of emotions often seen in waiting rooms, including curiosity, boredom, apprehension and fear, while the swinging ceiling light emphasizes the toys going in and coming out.